Student Council

Student Council

UMS believes in the pivotal role of students in achieving success in different fields and levels. it envisions implementing its slogan “today's students are tomorrow's leaders”.
so, UMS founded its students’ council which is also referred to as (student union), by virtue of the ministerial decree no. 334 of the year 2011, issued by the ministry of higher education and scientific research and organized activities and work of students unions in the UAE.

the main goal of establishing UMS students’ council is to organize students’ activities during university life, and this council will be the link between students and university’s management for all affairs relating to students, in addition to the full coordination with university’s management for the purpose of solving all problems facing students, and helping them to overcome all obstacles.


UMS establishes students' council elections, which through the president of the council, the treasurer, and a member for each faculty in UMS are elected.


UMS students’ council consists of the following committees:

  1. Public relations & media committee.
  2. Science & technology committee.
  3. Community service committee.
  4. Sports committee.
  5. Arts committee.
  6. Social works & trips committee.
  7. Cultural committee.

Students activities:
In cooperation with university management, students’ council supervises many cultural, sport and social students’ activities and events, whereas it organizes many sport championships in the campus. in turn, students participated in many sport activities taking place in campus, and under the patronage of UMS’ management, students organized a festival for folklore because it is a rich material that can be depended on.