His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum

His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum


Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum was born in 1906; his mother; Sheikha Hussa daughter of Almur was very famous for its strong personality, that had the great impact on Sheikh Rashid's personality.



Sheikh Rashid was enrolled in AlAhmadia school, which was founded by Sheikh Ahmad bin Ahmad bin Dalouk in Bar Deerah. The school was under the patronage of Sheikh Mane'e bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who was very interested in education, learning and culture, so he sent for teachers from Zubair; Iraq.


When Sheikh Rashid was 18 years old, he started to attend his father's council. During his father's life, Sheikh Rashid had had a very important role in ruling Dubai, especially the important things which were assigned to him for 1938.


The special personality of Sheikh Rashid and his ability to lead the wheel of ruling appeared clearly from his earliest age, especially in his third decade. He was well-known for many stances, one of which was that he adopted when he decided to combat chaos which used to appear from time to time, when looting and vandalism actions spread in 1938. At that time, his ability to manage authority affairs was obvious and noticed as an exceptional ruler. Actually, Sheikh Rashid was a unique phenomena rather than ruling family.



During his long reign, Sheikh Rashid could fasten the corner stone of stability, development and prosperity of Dubai. In fact, Sheikh Rashid is the true founder of modern Dubai.


The late Sheikh was very interested in administration and urbanism, as he was very famous for adopting the openness to various sources of life, and the frUMStful investment to his country's resources.




Sheikh Rashid had the talent of understanding the most complicated things relating to foreign trade and financial affairs. He is a man of politics as well as his being a business man. In general, he does not speak too much, while he was a good listener; never managed talk directly except when he talks to Shekh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nhayyan and other rulers.


Sheikh Rashid was characterized by being insightful. Although few people have a doubt about Dubai economic possibilities, yet other few people could foresee that Dubai was going to rapid growth through two decades. Sheikh Rashid represented this anticipation and he himself planned and made the promising future of Dubai.




Sheikh Rashid is considered the founder of the states' union of the United Arab Emirates. He had a unique personality. Henderson talks about him saying "you touch the control of one person with simple dress and he is never distinguished from his nationals.


In all preliminary negotiations upon founding a wider union, Sheikh Rashid, practiced discussions using his credit of wisdom, experience and influence. The UAE is very respectful of his points of view; everything he used to say does not generally agree with their opinions, as he was against the careless action or taking steps prematurely. As a result, Sheikh Rashid suggested an interim constitution for the seven Trucial States.

After founding the UAE state in December 1971, His Highness was elected as a Deputy Prime Minister for five years, and then he was appointed as a prime minister in 1979.




There is no doubt that the prudent advices Sheikh Rashid gave, his practical wisdom in dealing with subjects, had prepared for the essential solidarity element of union. That was a successful experience of Arab unity. Sheikh Rashid never neglected Dubai interests during the development journey of the UAE.


Till his death in 1990, Sheikh Rashid’s  journey was full of superb works and great stances; he deserved to be one of the renaissance symbols in this part of the world and a shining icon in its history.

One of the most prominent words uttered describing Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum will be found in Gulf Countries and Oman book; where the writer says " Sheikh Rashid has a prominent tendency of leadership, he has a reverence surrounded by calmness and perfection of manhood. Sheiks Rashid has watchful eyes looking out from a face that is ornamented by deep wrinkles.