College of Arts & Science

College of Arts & Science

College of Arts and Sciences covers all the general courses of the university requirments in the various Colleges and specialties of the University Of Modern Sciences that include: College of Biotechnology and Engineering, College of Business, College of Media and Mass Communication, College of Law and College of Tourism Sciences.


College Mission:

The College aims at providing new students with basic knowledge, skills and competencies through which they can form and strengthen their intellectual and creative capacities in various disciplines from the beginning of their enrollment in the university and during their initial preparation stage. Accordingly, General Program courses offered by College of Arts and Sciences include effective communicative skills, critical thinking, problem analysis together with IT Skills as well as social and communal awareness.


College Vision:

The College of Arts and Sciences seeks to achieve an academic and research excellence in the field of arts and humanities, and to contribute to the development programs with local and international recognition.