National University of QUMSlmes

an agreement has been signed with The National University of QUMSlmes (UNQ) which is considered one of the top Argentinian universities in the Science of Biotechnology and related domains. The agreement aims at getting students to highest level of research and to keep them updated with all findings and outcomes of international laboratories in the field of biotechnology.
The agreement highlights the following terms:
• Exchange of education staff.
• Exchange of students.
• Development of research and encouraging scientific activities.
• Get to know the curriculUMS and education levels in each institution for the purpose of exchange between both universities.
• Any other concerns to be agreed upon between both parties.
Moreover, a delegation of professors and students of The Modern Science University has already visited The National University of QUMSlmes in Argentina and collaborated in conducting several researches.
Generally speaking, The University Of Modern Sciences is always keen on signing agreements with prestigious international universities to assure the quality of education as well as providing the latest educational programs. In this context, The University Of Modern Sciences will also sign an agreement with The University of North Dakota in the United States.