Government of the UAE has taken a great care of sport activity because of its importance in establishing a strong, intelligent generation, who can complete the journey of their forefathers that always considered sport a prereqUMSsite for desert life. Therefore, UAE people have been very interested in Horses riding, camels racing and falconry.


The most important sports facilities and the most important championships hosted by the United Arab Emirates.


Yas Marina CircUMSt



Yas Marina CircUMSt was unveiled on 30 October 2009 with the final race of the Formula 1 World Championship.


After two years of intensive planning and construction involving 14,000 staff and 35 million construction man-hours, our versatile facility opened its doors to the world. The United Arab Emirates was eager to take in the beautiful landscaping and traditional Arab hospitality along with sensational on-track action. Yas Marina CircUMSt encourages the growth of sporting culture in the UAE and prides itself for being the centre for motorsports excellence in the Middle East.



As a training ground for motorsports success in the Middle East, and our commitment to creating a sustainable motorsports community throughout the region, it is our ambition to have a UAE National Driver competing in F1 within 10 years.


Hamdan Sports Complex


 It is one of the biggest multi-purpose facilities in the world. It is a state of the art complex, whereas the Olympic swimming pools can be transformed into multi-purpose playgrounds for basketball, volleyball and handball. The complex hosted 2010 FINA World Swimming Championship, as it hosts many world swimming championships. Also, the complex hosted world championships in volleyball.  In fact, Dubai is considered the main partner of the International Union for swimming in a lot of activities.


Equestrian Sports



Equestrian sport is one of the most popular activities in the UAE and it is an inseparable part of the UAE’s heritage. Like their reputation in camel racing, the people of the UAE, both members of royal families and ordinary citizens, are famous for their horsemanship. The UAE is also home to many world class stables which contain large numbers of Arabian steeds that are renowned for their intelligence, stamina, good temperament with humans and sUMStability for long distance endurance riding. The horse riding season in the country lasts from November to March.


Most Important Achievements:

Since its participation in the World Endurance Championship held in Kansas, USA in 1996, the UAE has made several achievements in equestrian sports. It hosted the first World Endurance Championship in 1998 and won the world title in 2008 at the World Endurance Championship held in Malaysia.