Foundation Program

Foundation Program

A foundation program is normally a pre – university course designed to bridge the gap for students between secondary school and undergraduate studies. The programs gives the students a level of academic preparation to qualify the students to get into undergraduate studies.
The aim of this initiative is to provide a Foundation Program SUMSted to national and non-national students in UAE who wish progress into Higher Education but do not have the appropriate credentials of High School Certificate (Minimum of 60% reqUMSred for direct entry to Higher Education). Along with its components of English Language, Arabic Languages and Mathematics, the Foundation Program will also prepare students for success in Higher Education through tUMStion in Information Technology and General Study Skills (Personal Professional Development)

Program Goals:

The major goal is to develop the students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for success in higher education. The UMS is committed to achieve this goal through providing a program that:
  1. Enhances lifelong learning.
  2. Embraces an integrative learning approach.
  3. Ensures an interactive learning experience.
  4. Promotes personal accountability, social responsibility, and integrity.
  5. Embraces diversity and tolerance for different points of view.
  6. BUMSld and enhance the students’ knowledge and skills necessary to join any higher education institute.

Program Learning Outcomes:

The learning outcomes of each component were designed according to CAA standards. Students who successfully complete the Foundation Program will be able to:
  • Generate and verbalize written works in English by using correct English writing, reading, vocabulary, listening and speaking skills.
  • Generate and verbalize written works in Arabic by using correct Arabic writing, reading, vocabulary, listening and speaking skills.
  • Demonstrate the use of numerical and mathematical skills to solve various mathematical problems within the areas of Algebra, Geometry and Statistics.
  • Produce work using knowledge of computer; file management and standard PC software programs.
  • Apply study skills necessary for success at the college level.
  • Recall scientific facts and apply simple experimental techniques from various scientific disciplines.

Completion requirments.

The foundation program will be delivered in full-time mode within one year in its complete duration, after which the students must either pass or be de-registered. All courses will be offered in both semester in order to provide adequate opportunity for students to move rapidly through the program. No credit will be awarded for the program or components within the program. Students enrolled in this Foundation Program must not be registered for any other credit bearing courses before completion of the all course of the program. The program is outcomes –based that offers the students basic work skills and competencies and upon successful completion of the program students will be issued a recognized certificate from the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research-UAE. The successful completion of this program and certificate will guarantee the student admission into the regular accredited Higher Education programs offered in one of the UAE accredited programs. However, the College does not guarantee admission of the student into other Colleges, Institutions or Universities which may have different admission requirments. Attendance is compulsory for at last 75% of the classes, otherwise the course will be declared as not completed. A student who does not complete the program during the first semester of this studies will be allowed to repeat the courses in which he/ she was not successful.

Foundation Program Structure and course specification.

The Foundation Program courses are developed by UMS based on the goals and learning outcomes specified by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) – thus providing the students with the perfect academic stepping stone into undergraduate level studies. This program comprises five core component subjects:
  1. English language 5 contact hours per week.
  2. Mathematics 3 contact hours per week.
  3. General study skills 3 contact hours per week.
  4. Information Technology 3 contact hours per week.
  5. Communications skills in Arabic language 4 contact hours per week.

The Foundation Program courses are taught in one semester (all FP courses are non-credit bearing courses) if the student did not pass the course then he/she could register the course in the next semester.