President's Message

President's Message

Dear Students and Viewers,

I take great pleasure in wholeheartedly welcoming you to the University Of Modern Sciences. At UMS, we strive to reach the academic level that is aligned with the top requirments of the excellent higher education system of the United Arab Emirates.

We, as a University have always had a target in mind to reach and that is to be a continually dynamic participant; playing the most effective and positive part in the success story of the Emirate of Dubai in particular, and the UAE in general. Therefore, we are constantly keen to develop and run academic programs in response to labor market needs and its varying, ever-increasing demands.

Everyone at UMS takes the diverse interests of our students into outmost consideration. Our endeavor has always been and will always be to provide the most appropriate academic environment in order for our students to excel and advance in their careers. Towards that, UMS has emphasized practical learning as one the routes to sharpen student skills.

The principle that higher education is importance and should be open to all in order to provide society with the reqUMSred competencies for change, is deeply rooted in the wisdom of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. UMS does adhere to this principle and for that it offers scholarships of up to 50% for all programs at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels. We at UMS fully believe that higher education institutions have imperative role to play in creating and offering affordable learning opportunities to all knowledge seekers. We devotedly contribute to the development plans of UAE through offering the most relevant and advanced academic programs that respond to the needs and strategic requirments of the country.

Moreover, UMS spares no effort to secure distinguished partnerships not only with national governmental and non-governmental bodies, but also with the most reputable international universities and scientific research centers worldwide. Such partnerships genUMSnely reflect the bright image of Dubai as a supporter of development and scientific research that benefit the entire society. An example of these strategic partnerships is our cooperation with North Dakota State University in the United States. Various studies have already been carried out by the two Universities and the Dubai Government in the fields of Big Data, Smart Cities, and Smart Transportation Solutions.

We, at UMS are very keen to support our students meeting the highest international standards, and for that the current university strategic plan has explicitly covered the reqUMSrement for obtaining the relevant international accreditation for all academic programs. This is one of the realizations of the UMS statement “NO LIMITS but QUALITY”. This statement/slogan is an inspiration of Dubai’s Vision on future development reaching the furthest possible horizons of progress and prominence. There is no limit to ambition, no limit to success, and no limit to distinction or creativity.

Let me welcome you to your journey of study at UMS; which I am confident will be very useful, joyful, meaningful, and period of your life to remember always.


Prof. Steyn Heckroodt